Changing Quota Settings

An account quota is the storage limit allowed for an account. Email messages, attachments, address books, calendar appointments, tasks, and files in Briefcase contribute to the quota. Account quotas can be set by COS or per account.  When the quota is reached, all email messages to that account are rejected.

You can configure a warning message to automatically notify users that are close to using their allotted space.

Users must delete email messages, old calendar appointments, and other files from their account to remove them from the server to get below their quota limit, or you will need to increase the quota setting.

Users can view their account quota and percentage used in the header on the Zimbra Web Client. You can view mailbox quotas for all accounts from Monitoring>Server Statistics.

To change an account quota:
To configure the warning message

If you want to send out a quota warning message, in the Advanced tab configure the following:

  1. Set the account quota.

  2. In the Percentage threshold for quota warning messages field, set the percentage threshold for when a message should be sent.  For example, if you want users to be notified when they are at 90% of their quota, you would enter 90.

  3. In the Minimum duration of time... field, enter how often the quota warning message should be sent. For example, to send the warning daily, enter 1 in the field and select Days as the time frame.

  4. (Optional) Edit the text for the message to add additional details to the automatically generated email. Editing the message is not required unless you want to give additional information in the message.



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